Friday, September 5, 2008

Orthogonian Blues

This is big. Coming as it does on the tails of the GOP convention, it has a potency that is not easily dismissed by serious observers. In the clip that I've seen, Barack Obama definitely modulates his views and the atmosphere is tense. But if you've ever pledged an historic Black fraternity, you know that sometimes it's not about how well you perform under pressure but that you simply endure.

Last night John McCain confirmed his inability to perform the rhetorical and ceremonial duties of the Presidency. He was stiff. McCain's tendency to swivel his entire body to face the audience made me wonder if he has surgically fused cervical vertebrae. His arms are short and appear to have a range of motion limited to seventy degrees of abduction. Inexplicably, the podium was set barely above his knees. The Arizona senator, too, could have used a Greek colonnade for a backdrop rather than the digitized blue sky background with a flag waving askew. Even his smile seemed so rehearsed that it reminded me of Nixon.

The speech itself was not the angry or defiant one delivered by Sarah Palin during her acceptance of the Vice Presidential nomination. But I am still quite confused and surprised that McCain uttered "We were elected to change Washington, and we let Washington change us." That line served no other purpose than to propel Palin and to undermine the Republican candidate for president's claim to maverick status .

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