Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Never Could See It Coming

This from the formidable Temple3:

You are about to bear witness to the resilience of a tremendous people. You didn't see Reconstruction back in the day -- but you're about to see a wave of Black folk in elected office. You're about to see more federal contracts go to faces that simply cannot ROTFLMWA. And you won't see the ReBirth of your nation because you don't have the numbers or the sufficient consciousness to close your borders.

Nope...it's already a wrap. And to think, Lothrop Stoddard wasted all that good ink warning you dupes as early as 1920. Time for you to get your fornication-reproduction game together (holla at ya boy Ben Wattenburg) and beat a hasty retreat to a territory you can HOLD with guns.

South Africa is done. The US is next. Dominoes, just dominoes. Will you be heading to Sweden where you can knock up as many as you can muster without a ring OR will it be off to the Fatherland?

I believe obsolescence fits you well. And you're concerned about nuclear families...that's funny. You're going to need more than that to survive the economic and energy upheavals facing this society...haven't you heard about the limitations of "nucular"?

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