Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hillary Must Go

I've written before that the Democratic Party is in the middle of carefully extirpating Bill and Hillary Clinton. The time for gentility is over.

Every Congressional Black Caucus member must publicly repudiate the Clinton campaign's race baiting tactics. They don't need to endorse Senator Obama but they must announce the withdrawal of their support from Mrs. Clinton. The time for expressions of regret and sorrow on the part of Senator Clinton is far gone. She has crossed the commander-in-chief threshold established by previous aspirants to the office such as Stephen Douglas, Strom Thurmond, and George Wallace.

Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi must publicly announce that the Clinton campaign's forays in this area of casting aspersions related to Senator Obama based on race and religion is not reflective of the Democratic Party. Senator Obama, in turn, must deliver a keynote address on this recent turn of events and give his supporters a reason to support him. Endurance can be sustained for just so long before turning into apathy and unconcern. I know that this is politically risky, but Obama needs to put forth a vision that sets straight the vertigo coming from the New York senator.

I'm in the middle of composing letters to my congressional representative, senator, and governor, all of them white supporters of Hillary Rodham Clinton, expressing my firm conviction that if Senator Clinton is the Democratic nominee, then my wife and I will never vote for any Democrat, even Jesus, ever again. Mrs. Clinton has turned a sober and inspiring moment that I was enthused to share with my six year old daughter into a tawdry affair more suitable for Jerry Springer or Maury Povich. She is unworthy of our votes.

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