Saturday, March 29, 2008

Why Naomi Klein and Jeremy Scahill are full of it. Oh, and Chuck Hagel will be Barack's running mate.

If Scahill and Klein were truly serious about desiring an end to the Iraq War, then they would have aligned themselves with Obama the day after Hillary averred that she and John McCain had "crossed the commander-in-chief threshold." Such a declaration was a euphemism for willingness to wage war against Iran. By putting herself in the same philosophical mold as McCain, Clinton let it hang out there for all to see.

If Scahill and Klein were intelligent, then they would be advocating for Senator Clinton to drop out of the race and for Senator Obama to choose Chuck Hagel as his running mate. An Obama-Hagel administration would have the public mandate and political agility required to negotiate an end to the misery in Iraq.

Senator Clinton has already shown how impervious she is to public pressure. If Scahill and Klein don't see this then they are demented.

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